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31 July 2013 @ 09:08 pm
A bloo bloo  
I'm moving to Turku! I can't believe it, after years of trying to get in I finally did! I'm gonna study folkloristics! Dunno about minors yet, political history and Asian studies and archaeology are the most interesting ones - too bad I keep changing my mind all the time :D

School starts the 21st so I don't know how I'm gonna celebrate my birthday. There's not much I can do, since I don't know where I'm staying before actually moving in my own flat. The apartment is being renovated and I get the keys the 1st of September, so I have a week and a half of IDK what. Still, I'm excited! And the rent isn't too bad, it could be worse and I'm not in a position to be picky.

I'm being a bad adult and instead of saving my unemployment funds I've been spending them like crazy. I have 3 packages coming from Japan (more maybe coming?), I've bought books and sweets and went to the movies a couple of times, but I reckon I rather do it all now so that I'm not spending my student grants and loan money on them later on when I'm gonna need money for rent and bills. I have to learn how to be rational with money :P

I haven't done much since the last update. We're been visiting relatives, travelled to Jämsä and Mikkeli and that's it. All and all, 'twas a good holiday.

I have a few sewing projects coming up, and I really need to get them done before moving to Turku. I'm not gonna take my sewing machine with me, I have nowhere to put it. I'm gonna visit my parents from time to time, but but I'd rather enjoy the weekends than sew.