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04 May 2012 @ 08:45 pm
I want angel cake, I'm gonna puke it anyway  
I'm gonna be so goddamn rich after this whole business thing is over lol

and by "goddamn rich" I mean I'll prolly get a couple of hundred euros. Still, it's a couple of hundred euros more than what I usually have, so.

I'm nearly finished altering my skirts. I would've gotten two of them, Swan Embroidery and Ribbon Chandelier, done today if I hadn't messed up with the waistbands. I wasn't paying much attention when I was sewing, so of course I messed them up. I'm gonna finish them on Monday tho, so no biggie. Althought I do have to think about what I'm gonna wear to school then, b/c I'm gonna go to the cinema to watch the Avengers with a friend of mine, and I was thinking about wearing Swan Embroidery. It's the green tartan version and it reminds me of Loki, so I thought it would be fitting. Aaaand I haven't even started altering my Horoscope skirt, oops.

Speaking of the Avengers, I'm gonna watch it again tomorrow. No regrets.

Bono cut two of his tendons and he has to wear a cast for 6 weeks. No idea how he managed to do that. :'(
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